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09 Feb 2012
By Pretoria


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PlayStation Home: Love is in the Air

0 Replies 285 Views Created 09-02-2012
09 Feb 2012
By Pretoria

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 8th February for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…


Whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, everyone loves free treats! Head on over to Pier Park and feel pampered with a snug pair of slippers and some lovely cupid wings. Continuing with the loving theme, WIN big this month in the Lockwood Valentine’s update! Find six new rewards hidden in the Lockwood Publishing Showcase. Throw caution to the wind and show us what a romantic soul you are in the ShowOff: First Date photo competition! First Place WINS one of two pre-release Iron Fusion content packs. If you really want that ultimate prize, you’ll be pleased to know that all entrants get submitted into a prize draw for another chance to win! Five picnic packs are up for grabs to runners up, along with one Lockwood Team Choice Award.


If you’ve never taken part in Lockwood’s exciting photo competition for PlayStation Home users, now’s your chance. Each ShowOff competition has a theme, the rest is up to you. Be as creative and artistic as you can in interpreting the theme. Visit the Gift Machine or for more information.


Fill your apartment with romantic ambience as Valentine’s Day approaches. Get a luxurious bathtub decorated with rose petals or a floral candle, or sweep someone off their feet by taking them for a picnic. For the ideal way to show that special someone you care, visit the Gift Machine for the latest love-themed Gift items.

With Lockwood’s many collections and ranges, it’s easy to forget that sometimes they make items that are simply LKWD. These two latest outfits are just that – simple wearable separates that can be worn in a variety of ways and with plenty of items from the LKWD back catalogue to create the perfect stylish ensemble.

Lockwood_FairytaleShortDress_080212_1280x720 Lockwood_FairytaleLongDress_080212_1280x720

For a dreamy, exotic look, there’s the Fairytale outfit, combining a dreamy long silk dress with a sultry long plaited hairstyle. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for the Unique clothing pack, a distinctive corset dress teamed with a choice of long or short boots and tousled up hair.


New PS Home publisher Juggernaut Games brings us the MechPets – Icebox the Abominable, Party Machine 9000, and Monsieur Love Machine. Whether you’re in the mood to start a snowball fight, dance the night away or romance some eligible ladies and/or gentlemen – one of these companions is sure to be your perfect sidekick! Now available in the PlayStation Home Stuff store.

Konami are offering some great value bundles this week. Treat yourself to the full Konami Code collection, the Gothic Attire or Hair Salon bundles, or go old school with the Retro Collection Super Bundle containing a massive 19 items!

Make your apartment look like a palace with a selection of sparkling diamond furniture from the Furniture store, while at the MyDeco store there are some tantalising and tasty treats to decorate your apartments with. Quench your thirst for fruity furniture with the very inviting watermelon chair. Or jazz up your wall with a pair of luscious KissMe Neon Lips. And if you’re feeling a little tired after your trip to the shopping centre, why not end the day in the new Xtreme Hot Jacuzzi!

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