24 Aug 2010
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[What Is…?] Oscar’s Lobster Mania

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Roll up, roll up! Oscar's Lobster Mania is coming to PlayStation®Home!




Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and marvel at this wondrous, bizarre game of crustacean-based skill! Judge the distance, set the power, take aim and FIRE! The more lobsters you can get into Oscar's mouth, the higher your score and the further you'll progress through the levels. Every level wins rewards for your personal space!


Oscar’s Lobster Mania launches August 26, 2010.






What is Oscar’s Lobster Mania?

Oscar’s Lobster Mania is a mini-game in which you are tasked with shooting lobsters at targets surrounding Oscar. Hit the required targets and you will enter a bonus round in which you are required to launch as many lobsters as you can into Oscar’s mouth.


Where do I find Oscar’s Lobster Mania?

You can find Oscar’s Lobster Mania in the Shopping Centre situated on the waterfront.


What does it cost?

For a one-off purchase of €1.99 / £1.59 you will receive unlimited access to all 12 Oscar’s Lobster Mania levels, and the sensational staggering (literally!) Lobster outfit, which comes complete with special walk animation.


Note: You must be wearing the Lobster suit to access the full game.




How many rewards can I earn?

For each level completed a reward will be unlocked, with a total of 15 available in addition to the awesome Lobster costume received when you purchase the full game.


Is there a free trial?

Yes! The first level of Oscar’s Lobster Mania can be played for free. You’ll even earn a reward upon successful completion of the trial level!



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