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Re: Your Home Biography







Bavaria Germany


What Time and Days Do You Use Home:


 I am on most days at different times


Why Did You Choose Your PSN I.D:


It was my former call sign in the CB radio and simply means fast car because I like sporty ride, with the release of the PS3 is nothing elseoccurred to me.


Did You Model Your Home Avatar On Yourself:


Yes, as close as I could get it.


Current Home Outfit:

 I have no particular outfit, my outfit I change depending on the room or situation.



Favorite Home Outfit:


GT5 Raceoutfit


Most Underrated Home Outfit:




Do you have a Home companion? 


 I have loads but i tend to use the Sega Tennis Robot.


Favorite Home User:


i have a select group of friends


Your Defining Home Moment:


I suppose the first time I entered XI in Home


Favorite Home Shop:


Loot & Lockwood 


An Hilarious Home Moment:


Winning the gold shirt in buzz


Anything Else to Add:


We urgently need a German user system for age verification in home so we can finally go into the locked areas for us. And of course, more multiplayer games.


☆ meine Games: passen nicht mehr in die Signatur ☆

" ▲●X■ Gibt der Klügere immer
nach, herrscht die Diktatur der
Dummen. - Wo Unrecht zu
Recht wird, wird Widerstand
zur Pflicht. - Doch: Das Einzige
das einen davon abhalten kann die Wahrheit zu finden, ist zu denken man kenne sie bereits. ▲●X■"
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Re: Your Home Biography

PlayStation®Home Picture 22-7-2011 10-31-11.jpg


PSN ID: Nordlyset87

Location: The pearl of Norways south coast

What time and days do you usually use Home: Whenever i have time for it, mostly after a hard day at work to relax and have a nice chat with my friends.

Why did you chose your PSN ID: My Online ID translated means Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in my language, choosed this because thats probably the best and most amazing thing i ever seen in my life.

Did you model your Home avatar off yourself: I tried to come as close as possible and would say i did well, for those who knows me would agree.

Your current Home outfit: Hmm, look above thats it... its always changing :smileywink:

Your favourite Home outfit: Thats really alot, but i would pick the Anime Class President High School Girl

Do you have a Home companion? Oh yes i do, its the Seal Point Siamese Girl Kitten from Lockwood, sooo cute <3

Most underrated Home outfit: Default clothes, i love the blue Home T-shirt.

Your favourite Home user: Dont have a favourite out of all my friends, because everyone means the same for me.

Your favourite Home shop: Billabong and Lockwood

Your favourite Home Space: Event Landing

An hilarious Home moment: When Home went in public Beta and 2-3 months old, i was with my friends in the old Shopping Center someone came along and asked us where he could get a fishing rod to get some fish down at the harbour from the Harbour Studio. We told him to look here in the Shopping Center for the caretaker to get a fishing rod from him, he actually went over 15min looking for a caretaker and told us he couldnt find him. We said well, as you can see its abit over 4pm now, he probably gone home now and he should try tomorrow again. :Stupid::Lol:

Anything else you want to add or comment on: Not at the moment :smileytongue:




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Re: Your Home Biography

Place: USA

Time on Home: 2 + years

Favorite Site"    Sodium One & 2

Favorite outfit:   shorts & high heels cause I'm a dame

Most common complaint:   Freezing every time you go to a new location, or move too fast

Newest Compalint:             Why can't they get it right when an Update is done? Now the stores don't work?


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Re: Your Home Biography

PlayStation®Home Picture 29-3-2012 14-00-55.jpg



Location:LONDON but from ITALY

What Time and Days Do You Use Home:anytime want to

Did You Model Your Home Avatar On Yourself:yes

Current Home Outfit:look photo

Favorite Home Outfit:not know

Favorite Home User:

Do you have a Home companion?no but would like

Anything else you want to add or comment on:smileytongue:lease add me if you want because come to hame to study languages!!!!!!

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Re: Your Home Biography

PlayStation®Home Picture 29-3-2012 14-00-55.jpg

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Re: Your Home Biography

[ Edited ]

PlayStation®Home Picture 1-4-2012 00-26-32_1.jpg


PSN ID: Alien_Goat_Disco.

Location: The Frozen North.

What time and days do you usually use Home? Mostly after 22:00. Whenever I need a break from a game I hop into Home and mooch about for fifteen minutes or so, sometimes longer if there's an interesting new space to explore.

What Home space are you usually found in? Most of 'em. I never stay in one place longer than five minutes – a moving target's harder to hit...

Why did you choose your PSN ID? I found the thought of goats dancing in a disco being ogled by aliens vaguely amusing, so I ran with it. It also has the added bonus of conveying absolutely nothing of importance about me or my life.

Did you model your Home avatar on yourself? Indeed. Not the one in the picture, obviously – despite being fond of beans I don't extrude a cloud of green gas from my head. Well, not unless I'm really drunk. My other outfits reflect my physical appearance more accurately, though it's obviously impossible for a bunch of pixels to accurately convey just how jaw-droppingly handsome I am in real life. Just as well. I'd hate to be mobbed by female avatars every time I stepped into Home...though at least it would give all those 50-year-old men sitting at home in their underpants something to do.

Your current Home outfit: The steampunk jobby with jetpack, groovy hat & facemask, and gunslinger pantaloons. As per usual, I look so sharp I'm in very real danger of cutting myself.

Do you have a Home companion? Yup. Thulu. Not sure why he's not just called Cthulhu, seeing as Lovecraft's work is all public domain and he wasn't too concerned about sharing it when he was alive, but there you go. I like the way he stomps along and then blows a raspberry at random intervals. That, my friends, is the very definition of debonair.

Most underrated Home outfit? The steampunk one, obviously. I never see anyone else wearing it. Or the chaos one in the picture for that matter, but as those dancing colours have a tendency to make your eyes pucker up and seek shelter in your cranium after five minutes of looking at them I can understand why it remains shunned by anyone with taste. Happily, I'm a taste-free zone.

Your favourite Home user? Don't have one, don't know anyone. I don't communicate with people on Home anyway - I don't have a keyboard and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my time constructing well-argued polemics on a Playstation controller. However boring my life becomes, I pray it'll never get that bad.

Your defining Home moment? The first time I entered Home. What a joy! Within thirty seconds of appearing in the square someone ran up to me and told me to do something anatomically improbable with myself. Up to then I'd never even considered a job as a contortionist. I thanked him profusely for taking such an interest in my career trajectory and he ran of to help some other people. What a guy!

Not long after that someone else approached me, expressing a most unusual interest in my mother. As she's still quite attractive for her age I could only take this as a compliment – what a friendly bunch of people, I thought. I'm going to like it here.

Then, before I logged off for the night, another person in default clothing (is that a badge of office, I wonder, making it easier for newbies to recognise the most helpful members of the community and seek out their guidance? I hope so!) approached me and made various probing comments regarding my dating preferences. I'm afraid I had to tell him I wasn't interested in guys, but if he kept trying I was sure he'd find the right man for him. What he wrote next was impossible to read, but I'm sure that's down to the fact that he was just so grateful for my courtesy and generosity of spirit. After all, that's what Home is all about!

Your favourite Home shop? Er, whichever one has costumes. I don't see the point of buying the same type of clothes for my avatar that I'd buy in real life.

A hilarious moment? The same as my defining Home moment above. Aren't people great?!

Anything else you want to add or comment on? Nope. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

“I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer.”
~ Douglas Adams.
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Re: Your Home Biography

lol Alien-goat-disco, that was one of the funniest biographies ive read, Its a pity you dont really chat to people on home as you've clearly got an immense sense of humour and could probably get people laughing their backsides off on there.

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Re: Your Home Biography

Furys-embrace wrote:

lol Alien-goat-disco, that was one of the funniest biographies ive read, Its a pity you dont really chat to people on home as you've clearly got an immense sense of humour and could probably get people laughing their backsides off on there.

I was thinking the exact same thing when i read through it. One of the best biographies iv read. Would be great if you could join us (we are not all bad :smileytongue:) I dont know wether your on a laptop or tower but you know you can use your everyday usb keyboard? Thats what i do and you can pick them up for cheap aswell, think mine cost like £5.

 photo jpg_zps6421de3e.png
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Re: Your Home Biography

[ Edited ]

Before we get started I've got to ask, what's your handle, big boy?

Hello, yes, excuse me? Um, it's The_Lurking_Fear, not to be confused with the jerking leer, a terrible malady which affected a sizeable proportion of the population back in the 60s, when Carry On films were the zenith of comedy.



That's so interesting I nearly fell off my chair. Why did you choose that ID? It's so great I'm going to have to change my kilt!

Thanks for that mental image. Wait there a moment while I rinse out my brain...ah, that's better. Now, back to your query. I was listening to a podcast and they had a reading of a horror story called the Lurking Fear. It was a risible piece of guff, but I suppose it must have stuck in my mind. It's somewhat appropriate too as (and I know you won't believe this) I'm a bit of a wallflower by nature and prefer to lurk in the background, doing my own thing. What's that you say? I know! You'd think with my vast wealth, string of model girlfriends and generally charmed life I'd want to be the centre of attention, but there you go. I'm the most modest man on Earth, that's my problem.



Where do you live? Not that I'm a stalker or anything. I just want to stare at your face.

This Septic Isle. Above that London and below that Fort William. 'Oop' North. Y'know, where all the poor people live. Oh, and if you come within a hundred yards of me after today I'll have my butler pepper your unmentionables with buckshot. Twice.



Truly fascinating. And when, if I may be so bold as to enquire, do you choose to grace Home with your magnificent and, might I add, highly attractive presence?

You're too kind. Here's a tenner. Don't spend it all on whippets or whatever you peasants are into. Anyway, to answer your question, I usually appear between 7:32 and 7:37 on a Wednesday morning on the third week of every month, but only when British Summer Time is in effect. Leap years alter my schedule drastically, of course, except when there's a new moon or the year ends in an even number.



Marvellous! What an interesting chap you are and what a delight it is to speak with you. Is there a particular space on Home you can regularly be found? I'd love to meet up and have your babies.

Well yes, there's...wait, what? Ahem, moving swiftly on. I can usually be found standing motionless* in front of the various screens littered around Home, hoping against hope that they'll show something involving mutant spiders fighting off a ninja attack. So far I've been sorely disappointed. When not doing that I'm in my Rapture apartment, arranging furniture. If only one could employ commoners to do the heavy lifting...


* Sometimes I move, but as my avatar has had its knees replaced with the tears of lonely orphans this doesn't happen too often.



You're a fine figure of a man, I must say. Does your avatar come even close to reflecting what a glorious specimen of genetic perfection you are in real life?

I'm so glad you've noticed. It's a curse, to be honest, but there's not a lot I can do about it; some people are just blessed. I've tried to make my avatar as true to life as possible, and I think I've succeeded – anyone who knows me in real life will be used to seeing me clank around my mansion in an oversized bio-suit which seems particularly ill-suited for someone whose head rests above their shoulders and not below their collar bone.



Sartorial elegance is obviously your watchword, you big hunk. What are you currently wearing?

That's two words, you pringle. Just look at the pictographical representation above. I don't buy many outfits. Like my women, once I find something I like I tend to stick with it. Unless it becomes manky. Or something better catches my eye. Or I get bored.



I'm sure you're never short of company. Do you have a Home companion?

No. Like Big Brother contestants, I find them annoying and pointless. Next question before I set the dogs on you...



Eh? Right. Um, what's your most underrated Home outfit then?

Anything I'm wearing. If you don't gape at me in awe, admiration, and dribble into your virtual lap when I'm around then you obviously need glasses.



Do you have a favourite Home user? Possibly, you know, someone sitting not a million miles from you right now?

Bruno? He's a cat, you loon! He doesn't use Home.



No, I meant...oh, never mind. Any defining Home moment?

Not yet. I'm still waiting for that spider/ninja fight.



Quite. I'm guessing you don't have a favourite Home shop either?


Shop? What's a shop? Whenever I want something I just tell a servant and he delivers it to me. Is that what the lower classes do? Get stuff? For themselves? You'll be telling me next they have the vote!



Well, I must say it's been a privilege, honour, and quite literally dream come true to sit and interview you here in your home. Is there anything you'd like to add before you go?


Go? I'm not going anywhere, I live here. Hobson, fetch the blunderbuss!


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Re: Your Home Biography

Blah The_lurking_fear, you're trying too hard to come off as humourous and its not working fella. I got bored half way through and stopped reading it. If you want funny, see alien-goat-discos bio..... He's not a try hard, just saying.

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