19 Sep 2010
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Move prices help

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Amazon has some messed up prices £45 for a move controller? and Starter pack for £39.70 lol


Think tesco does starter pack for £39.70 aswell


But the thing is a move controller usually costs £30 which is... meh I wanted a bundle with 2 move controllers and eye camera (and sports champions:smileytongue:)!


Do you guys think I should wait and see if there'll be more bundles anytime soon? because I'm not spending 30 quid on a controller ! :/




Just buy starter pack and play sports champions with 1 controller? lol which I don't want to do:smileysad:


Unless someone can tell me the best place to purchase these freaking bundles or how you got a discount :smileytongue:

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Re: Move prices help

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Tbh Sports Champion is best played with 2 controllers tbh. As i only own SC and Tumble i cant really comment on other games but i think SC wouldnt be as good with 1 controller.


If you dont own the PS eye, then your best bet is probably the starter pack and addiitional controller and the game which would be seperate. Thats probably the cheapest. But if you do own the camera you may aswell buy all seperate as the starter disc only contains the demos that can be obtained from the store for free (as far as im aware)


I bought 2 motions, Sports Champion, and Sony charging dock = £106 

Though SC seems to be the more popular game atm they may do some kind of bundle with it but i wouldnt hold your breath for any time soon imo.

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