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25 Oct 2010
By kingquad77


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The move has a mind of its own

0 Replies 262 Views Created 25-10-2010
25 Oct 2010
By kingquad77

Hello, I know there are already posts about this problem but enough is enough Sony.


They sold a product that sais it does 1:1 tracking of your movement but at times the move just well moves were it wants to move.


Example while playing the shoot demo the pointer just drifts off to the side and at that point I just have to move the controller to were the pointer is and is not tracking my 1:1 movement at all (no matter how many times I try to calibrate the device)


2nd Example While playing the tumble demo last night with my girlfriend, you must build the highest tower possable with out it falling down. The game looks great on my 3d TV. , In this game you must have a very steady hand to place the objects even tho my controller is very still the controller on screen is jumping back and forth and cant even build a tower more that 8-10 blocks high.


SONY NEEDS TO FIX THESE PROBLEM A.S.A.P.  I spent over $200 on the move with all the controllers and what Sony sais does 1:1 tracking is a complete lie I feel like I have been screwed right up the a** and wont get my money back for a broken product


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