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Re: can you use the PS Move controller without a PS eye camera?

I dont know where you guys are getting your info from about the sub controller or even what it is you are talking about.  if it is the navigation controller it is NOT REQUIRED i found a faq right from sony that states such.  source


"Q: Is the navigation controller required for all PlayStation Move games? What purpose does it serve?
A: No, the navigation controller is not required for all PlayStation Move games. The PlayStation Move navigation controller is an optional peripheral that gives players the use of an analog stick and directional buttons for titles like Heavy Rain or Killzone 3, where you navigate a character on-screen. If you would prefer, you can use the DUALSHOCK 3 or SIXAXIS wireless controller instead of the navigation controller to operate the left analog stick and D-pad."


All that is required is the eye and the motion controller.  thats all i am using.  sure it takes a while to get used to navigating the menus but if you had a wii before like i have its no big deal.  just hold down the trigger on the bottom and move the controller left right up and down.

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