11 Jun 2012
By FrockyHorrorShow
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Petition Unban OoGraceoO

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 Petiion for an unban on the fact all Grace said was get lost to a cloner. Yes stuck up for me when im being stalked.


2 words and a ban??


I find it stupid that you cna get banned just for saying boo to a goose.


( I get it trolelrs like Edwcarnaby etc will chuck ha ha images etc and throw images of people rolling on floor.) Ive already typed what you will do's not worth putting the images here)


one rule for one one rule for another.


Victim= no rights

Stalker/pervert = you can stay on PSHOME get the items STALK more what the hell???

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Re: Petition Unban OoGraceoO

Whoa whoa whoa!


Stop posting threads about the same topic all over the forums!


We are unable to discuss users bans on the forums, but what I can tell you is that bans are not handed out lightly or without evidence.  If the user in question believes they have been banned in error, there best course of action is to call the customer service team (number can be found in the back of any game manual) to discuss it further.

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