07 Nov 2009
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Sony SCEE Customer Service fail.

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Just spent an hour on the phone with a 'supervisor' and despite they can see that I downloaded the PSP GT theme directly to my PSP Go on 5th October, because I mistakenly tried to get the them on my PSP 2000 prior to this (as I was passing on the PSP to my young son and he likes GT on PS3) they won't send me a code.


Never mind that I am a Playstation customer of 14 or so years. Or that I am a regular purchaser on the PSN store. Or that common sense would dictate that a company's best interests might be served by sending the code in this instance, giving a loyal customer what was promised in the promotional materials. I was even told by the supervisor that he could see I was elligible, but because I tried to download the them via Media Go initially he would not help me. So I find myself in the absurd situation that a customer services rep tells me I am elligible for the code but they won't send it to me.


This says a lot about Sony. It seems the treatment of SCEE customers that folks moan about in these threads and other places on the internet are justified. That Sony SCEE can't see their way to allowing common sense to prevail tells me that my feeling that their putting the theme on the general store was in fact a cynical ploy. That they knew folks would make mistakes like this and that would cut down on the number of downloads they had to give away.


While I won't be chucking away my investment in hardware and software by trading all my Sony stuff, I will certainly not be buying any more Sony consoles in future. I'm sure I'll live without the limited number of Sony exclusives on PS4 and I won't be giving more money to a company that can't even provide customer support on a case by case basis and put aside policy for common sense when required.


Very poor show. Sony once again prove that they don't care about annoying longterm customers.
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