16 Feb 2012
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Plus Far Cry 2 problem

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So there's this problem which doesn't allow me to get Far Cry 2, i have the Trial version (30 mins left) and it says i already have the product.


I've redownloaded again and the trial appears again, what's up with this?


Have an extra question about Plus (which supposedly the answer should be yes... but still have to ask to make sure it is), if i purchase a Full game with the Plus discount do i keep the game forever (unlike those games that expire when subsription ends)?

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Re: Plus Far Cry 2 problem

Far Cry 2 is free to Plus members....I don't get it?


But if you pay any amount of money towards a title at all, yes, it is yours to keep forever. It is only the free titles that are essentially "on loan" while you're a Plus subscriber.