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Re: Section 8: Prejudice Caption Contest

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Jeldan_Teh wrote:

Thanx for the reply,  2 b honest didnt read the thred only the competition screen that says you could b 1 of 27 winners.


Just strange that no 1 else picked up on it.


Also thanx to the other response but there would have 2 b less winners in 1 or more countries and if that is the case why didnt they list that as well?


Happy shooting :smileyhappy:

Well, I guess they thought that it would be only interesting for the competitors to know if they had won or not.
I was one of the 2 winner in the Scandinavian forum and we only saw the 2 winners from our forum.

I did find out about the contest here thou, since I do usually visit the English forum more...
(because I often find it easier to understand English then some Danish or Norwegian that are often the written language in the forum parts we share over there...)


Since our moderator left for another job I´m curious to know if someone will tell us when they start sending the codes...  Our moderator said that we should contact some Spanish guy called Huntson if we did not receive our codes... Question is: how will we know if/when the codes should have been sent?

Anyway, I would be very thankful if one of the winners (or the moderator here, if he knows) tell us when they have received their code.