26 Jul 2012
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Platinum All R&C Trilogy Games :)

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I've platinum R&C 3 yesterday. And now got all three platinums for the three games now :smileyhappy: I've just brought R&C All 4 One from the PSN Store. And will play that one next.
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Re: Platinum All R&C Trilogy Games :)

Congrats... Must have been a lot of fun getting there as the trophies in the game are mainly for skill points. They could have gone the lazy route and just chucked in 50% trophy completion rate just for completing each planet and boss, but they didn't..


I wouldn't say that Insomniac invented skill based in game achievements prior to trophies and xbox achievements, but they pretty much made 'trophies' popular before trophies even existed... right through to Resistance Fall of Man and Tools of Destruction...


I'll hopefully throughout the course of the year give Ratchet 2 and 3 a decent stab before Borderlands 2 takes over my life.. dunno whether I'll have the same drive for the first game though..

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Re: Platinum All R&C Trilogy Games :)

Thanks kiwiatlarge I'm glad that I played these games now. As I never played these games before. I really enjoyed getting the trophies for the games.
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