16 Jan 2012
By futsio
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The Fight: Lights Out!

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Yep....I'm one of the few people that bought this game, AND, I enjoy it.

It's not perfect, I'll give you that, but if you want a game to give you a workout then this is the one.

I own ea sports active, my fitness coach club, ufc personal trainer and now move fitness, but of all of them, this is the one title that should really come with a towel included!

I've recently finished the single player fights (currently aiming to nail them), and now I'm looking to branch out into the online world, and boost some of those online trophies.

Obviously the first rule of fight club is nobody goes online in fight club.


Is anybody else a fight fan?


Anybody wanna fight?:Stupid:


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Re: The Fight: Lights Out!

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Yep, The Fight truly is a quality little game. The user reviews (on Amazon for example) are so positive yet critics gave it a kicking - personally my opinion sits with the people that have actually played it for some time and gave it a proper chance, easily a solid 7 or 8/10 game.


Have recently got back into it as an ideal compromise between spending some time gaming and getting tangible good out of it, so I'd be well up for some online sparring. I'd class myself as an OK fighter (not a flailer, zombie or grab-spammer as you so often see) so it'd be good to come up against somebody who wants to play 'properly'. Hell, we can even go for some of those pesky online trophies if you like! 

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