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Trophy Hoarders - The One-Stop Hub for Trophy Hunters & Platinum Smashers

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The One-Stop Hub for Trophy Hunters & Platinum Smashers


Welcome all to the world of Trophy Hoarders. Our dedicated space to make your trophy journies, adventures and platinum races as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With guides, tips and helpful users at your disposal, you'll be smashing through trophies in no time at all.



The Trophy Directory

After a list of trophies for a particular title and eager to join the discussion? Then the Trophy Directory is where you want to be. Choose a game from the list and join in the fun, and if there isn't a thread for the title you're after, get creating by following these simple instructions. We'll get it added to our directory and you'll get a friendly pat on the back!



Platinum Races

Our friendly neighbourhood clown TheNarrator regularly hosts trophy races for you all to join in with - at any time you like! With leaderboards, banter, signature awards and tips galore, there's no reason not to check them out! Click the pics of our currently supported titles to be transported to their associated threads and don't forget, you can setup your own races too:




Chasing Trophies
Got a tale to share about chasing one of those fabled platinum trophies? Then jump in here to let us know! Chances are, there will be someone else in a similar predicament or even having the same winning streak - so it's an ideal place to get the banter rolling (and occassionally gloat).







Be sure to check back here often folks! We'll be adding more support, more events and more threads regularly and as ever, if you've got an awesome contribution lined up, get it posted!


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