02 Aug 2011
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WWE SvsR 2011 Man of 1004 Holds

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Whose obtained this trophy?

This is the only one I have left and I can't seem to trigger it for love nor money.


I have done;
Over 1004 sigs & finishers accumatively

I have done over 1400 finishers with 1 character, in 1 sitting (without turning off the game) in the practice arena.



I can't seem to get it.

I have read certain people saying if have trouble, delete the game data and then try again. Is that just the install data or will I lose all my WWE Downloaded characters and such. 


Or does anyone just have a clear description of how they got it?

It's doing my head in! 

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Re: WWE SvsR 2011 Man of 1004 Holds

think it has to be in a match mate! this is from

Man of 1,004 Holds

Perform a total of 1,004 signature and finishing moves in any mode of play (Offline).


You need to execute a total of 1004 signatures and finishers using any number of wrestlers (including CAWS) in any number of matches/ match types. It is not, as others have speculated, 1004 signatures and 1004 finishers.

Just keep working at the other trophies and this will come with time. If you get to the point that this is the only trophy you have remaining, just do an Exhibition Match with someone like Randy Orton (with a quick finisher) against someone weak such as Santino Marella. Set the difficulty to easy and the momentum to very fast. This way you will keep getting signatures/finishers in quick succession. Keep at it until the trophy pops.

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Re: WWE SvsR 2011 Man of 1004 Holds

I got it by doing all of the moves in 1 match. Set up a ladder match on easy and momentum turned up to max, pick Santino as the opponent and use someone with a high rating a quick sigs and finishers (change them to simple things such as punches and knee drops in create a move-set) then just keep working at it in the same match.


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Re: WWE SvsR 2011 Man of 1004 Holds

Hmm I don't think I can be bothered.


As I said, I did over 1600 moves in one sitting already.


I did do this with a CAW and about 200 with Chavo Guerrero.

I also did these in the practice arena.

I've read all the ps3trophies forums, they have differeing posts every page about how to get it.

Deleting game saves.

Cumulative across the game, not cumulative.

Hasn't shed much light.

Although helps hearing 1 of you actually acheiving it.

I really don't intend to spend 4 hours doing the same move again and again. Seems like the only option though.


Think I'll go without.



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Re: WWE SvsR 2011 Man of 1004 Holds


Finally got it!!! :Lol: :Football:

I have spent weeks trying this, as you have seen by my various posts.

To anyone attempting it.

  1. Choose a Ladder Match.
  2. Make Settings to Easy and Momentum fast. Turn off Camera cuts.
  3. Change a wrestlers finisher to quick ones. (I changed Randy Ortons to both two kicks whilst the opponent is down, its quick as just means twice kicking him and sig and fin is done)
  4. Choose a ladder match vs Santino.
  5. Work him down, sig and fin. Repeat.
  6. After 3-4 times, you will just have to do 1 move to trigger your sig.
  7. Do it in one match.
  8. I did it in 1 match, set myself targets of 250, then had a break.
  9. At around 820-ish the trophy kicked in.

Do NOT do the following;

  • Attempt it by doing 300, turning off ps3 then next load.
  • Attempt it in practice arena with finishers set on.
  • With different wrestlers.

I FULLY recommend following the advice I've given above, I have done over around 5000 sigs and finishers to get here but this is what made it work.


Good luck all.

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