08 Jun 2010


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Play TV Problems

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Hi all, hoping someone can help. It's driving me insane.


Recording works almost all of the time, the only thing that doesn't record properly is NBA/Sports on OneHD - it jutters / freezes for a second every 5-10 seconds.

- occasionally I turn it on and it will have 'frozen' & won't respond, I unplug power and replug and works again, it's not with a sense of irony that these are usually a good recording of NBA that I only get the first half quarter of the game without juttering

- It's intermittent, I'd say 50% of NBA recordings have the juttering (maybe 5% have the freezing)

- 100% of girlfriends doctor phil and oprah are fine

Am running latest version & it advises no new update for PS3 or PlayTV

Tried new aerial, leads, amplifiers, not watching a program, not playing games / doing anything at the same time, same result


Open to your suggestions / help

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Re: Play TV Problems

have u tryed reinstalling the playtv data. in notm try it it might work. if u have alreaddy tryed it. may i sagest getting a tivo. it will do more things better then playtv, or use play tv on windows vista\7 in windows media center (WMC)

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