13 Apr 2011
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Software update isn't working

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Hi My original PS3 suffered a YLOD. I decided to get a new slim PS3 and am now in the process of reinstalling PlayTV. I've got an import unit from the UK with version 1.0 of the software. I can install the software no problems and it tells me there is a new software update (2.03) available which is all good. I go through the install update procedure and download the update. All good so far.... But then the interesting thing happens. When it is updating the software it comes up with a message saying thy I am about to over-write version 1.00 with version 1.00 even though I just downloaded 2.03!!! Any help / advice would be much appreciated. Oh not sure if it makes a difference but I set playTV up as Other region and it found 9 channels during the installation. Thanks for you help Cheers
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Re: Software update isn't working

You should choose Australia (if possible - to the far left of the Country selection)
If it's not there, you'll need to update.
If you haven't resolved your issue by now, and the above doesn't help, you should need to call PS Support.

AUS - 1300 365 911
NZ - 09 415 2447
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