11 Mar 2012
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Starting Rift

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This needs to be 1 or 0.

I get that this is a beta and he developers wanted to test out the effects of having 3 rift every time you spawn.


But a lot of the problems with the game can be resolved by simply having players start with either 1/0 rift instead of 3.  Now, players with more than 1 or 0 rift of course can start with what they had.  If I had 5 rift and I died, I can respawn with 5.  


But when I have 0 rift, and I die, I will now spawn with 0 again, or maybe 1.  But not 3.


Problems this will fix:


-The need to GET OUT OF THE BASE.  You cannot camp the base the whole game, and rebuild everything after every attack.  You will not be able to keep up with the incoming attacks.  You will need to go out and find barrels to effectively gather a lot of rift.


-Vehicle spam.  I posted this in another topic.  The fact that a Hawk costs 2 rift is already rediculous.  The additional fact that EVERYONE spawns with 3 rift is a recipe for chaos.  Everyone can fly a Hawk right now...... after each death...... repeatedly..... over and over.  This leads to stupid stalemates where 3/4ths of each team are simply circling around in the air dogfighting.  This will also fix tank spam as well.  Because the player has to only wait around 10 seconds after spawning to build a tank.


-Stalemates.  This is related to the first two.  These stalemates (on Dust especially) are common because it is extremely hard to make any progress across a larger map.  When players die, there is little to no setback.  Spawning with 3 rift allows a team to rebuild structures and vehicles almost immediately.  What happens when everything can be rebuilt almost immediately?  Stalemate.


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Re: Starting Rift

I don't understand how by having 0 rift will get people out of the base?

With 0 rift you can't even build a bunker to get the "basic" weapons you'd need, let alone build hawk stations, razorbacks etc etc. The point of giving 3 rift at the start of the game was to make the game "faster" (ie - so you could build the better stuff faster)

Doesn't matter what you suggest it isn't going to make much of a difference. Those that want to camp andd build turret after turret will continue to do so, those that want to Dogfight will also continue to do so.

The reason IMHO that people don't want to leave the base is quite simply because your smashed to pieces by hawks/mech as soon as they see you. Even more so when trying to set up a forward spawn point.

I can only imagine that part of the solutions is to now have bases visable on the map unless they are actually spotted by the enemy.

Reading your last sentence it would seem you want baserapes to be easier............ I've played this beta when we spawned with 0 rift and there is absolutely no way to defend yourself when you have even just one guy with a jetpack armed with an RPG/shotgun.
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Re: Starting Rift

Zero rift energy = zero chance to win. 


The problem is the building limit and perhaps even the fact, that every enemy structure is always visible on the map as shika already pointed out. 


The B&B feature is the main focus of the game, so it'd be against common logic to deny people from using it. I don't have a problem with heavily guarded homebases, because there's a reason for it, but we also need to have enough free space on the B&B limit, so we can go out and set up a few outposts. 


Your sentence about GETTING OUT doesn't make sense. I'll get out to destroy a couple rift barrels, so I can walk all the way back to fix and build new structures in my homebase? 


Also, spawning with no rift energy would let the other team totally dominate you. Now, we have stalemates, because we can actually get in the air after EVERY death. In Warhawk, we have had baserapes. Which one is better?


So, it's all about the B&B limit and not about spawning with 3 rift energy bars. 

People spend most of their time and rift in the homebase, but that's because they have nowhere to go. If we'd have a frontline of checkpoints, you'd see, that people are willing to build everywhere, but now, they just can't, because of the B&B limit.



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Re: Starting Rift

I think 3 rift is just fine...


I might suggest getting it down to 2, but no lower...


But I'm absolutely content with 3 starting rift...

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