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18 Dec 2012
By Yaster


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Design a Chimera Fighting Game Moveset!

0 Replies 697 Views Created 18-12-2012



Win Resistance and Starhawk Goodies!


Your favourite War and Shoot Em Up franchises are expanding!  Already we have seen Big Daddy, Sweet Tooth and Radec appearing in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and before you know it, another WASEU staple will make an appearance in our new flagship fighter!


I'm asking you to design a move set for a Chimeran character, the prizes are as follows:


1st prize, XL Red Resistance 3 with the Olly Moss artwork




In addition to this, first prize will also receive a Resistance 3 Console Sticker:




Which if you apply it correctly, will make your slim PS3 look really snazzy.   Sorry but it's slim only.


Second and third place will win a Large Starhawk T Shirt




If you want to take part, head on over to the competition thread!

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