26 May 2011
By LordRoss


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Welcome to the Resistance General Discussion Forum!

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Here, you can discuss all your Chimera slaughtering endeavours from any of the Resistance games.


This forum is primarily for discussion about the single player mode for Resistance, but you can also discuss anything Resistance related that you come across.  


Please bear in mind, we have a dedicated forum for Resistance Online Play - so be sure to check it out :Thumbs:


Happy chatting! 



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Re: Welcome to the Resistance General Discussion Forum!

hi, i am NODSWORTH i were number 1 on r2 coop leaderboard, it has been hacked, do PSN not care about this now they have made there money off the game or will they fix it? because i want my money back if there not fixing this problem, its like the invite people to hack there games

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