13 Jun 2012
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Dragon's Dogma - Class Advice

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I'm about level 40 and have stuck with the Fighter Class all the way as I enjoy the playstyle.... it too late to change vocations and create a reasonable magic based class?


Kinda tempting to try a sorcerer and have my sorcerer pawn try a ranger type class but dunno if my STATS have gone too far down the initial vocation that swapping classes will make for a very weak character.


Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Dragon's Dogma - Class Advice

honestly its never to late to change vocation

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Re: Dragon's Dogma - Class Advice

Nope aint to late, im cb39 myself and recently switch from strider maxed/ ranger maxed to mage and it works out fine.


Remember a few key things your abillities carry over so if you have bastion + any hp boosting abilities they will def help with your mage character giving it a kind of mage tank vibe.


Also as you gain higher lvls you get more stats boosted relative to your choice of vocation, so although it will take you longer to lvl you will get more of a boost to magic then if you were a lower lvl using magic vocation.



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Re: Dragon's Dogma - Class Advice

hey hey


I'm still testing but I really don't see any significant correlation between stats and vocation. 


once you have a some augmentations and the core skills sorted then your pretty much golden.  I have been a Strider, Magic Archer and an Assassin (all very even) Due to the very balanced system this game has your vocation is more about playstyle and having a balanced team than actual stats. 


Strider - Quick and strong bow skills and fast mele daggers

Magic Archer - Slow bow skills but magical aiming assistance

Assassin - Almost the same as a Strider but slightly different bow skills.


Strider is pretty fixed with bow/daggers

Magic Archer has ther ability to use Staffs and combat magic

Assassin has mele weapon flexibility and is competent with a sword


Mage/Sorcerer feel very interchangable too but weapons are more restrictive and you really need to be more focused on magic than anything else.  


Sorcerers have some nice combat spells but are insanely slow and get targeted alot so you can drop a spell mid cast.  I would say that a sorcerer should be ballZ deep agressive but going 3 primary offensive and 3 passive secondary skills would work IF your a good multitasker and had a more combat mele based support crew. 


Not keen on a Sorcerer personally and as a pawn they can be a bit hit and miss with spell selection. As a main character you could focus on a defensive passive spell then a agressive kill everything spell (whirlwind etc)


Mage is a more whaaaaaambulance role and has a nice array of boons and buffs.  As this game is a little one sided you could easily get away with Thunder/Holy Boon. Then blearing as support.  you have a few choices of offensive spells (most things hate fire; so commestation is nice)


Again; you can be more selective and The status healing spell is very handy later in the game and the defense spell should always be your first cast.   Buff defenses, Some form of debilitation cloud (situation dependent), Boon your team, Then hold back for healing.


Too much micro management for a main (imho) but they work both well as support.



The only anoying thing is that Rank 1 vocations are a bit light on skills so your options are limited to a select few base spells (could be detrimental)   Set your team up right and you should be ok.

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Re: Dragon's Dogma - Class Advice

J-Matt- wrote:

honestly its never to late to change vocation

^ This

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