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04 Oct 2011
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Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

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I recently purchased for dirt cheap a great little game called Elemental Monsters.


It is a strategy game with a story mode. Not really RPG, but this category is the closest match,  there is no strategy category on the forums yet :smileyhappy:


I wanted to Creatate  a Thread where players can talk about different strategies they use and compare notes on play styles.


This thread is not being created to complain about bugs or flaws. You can make a seperate thread for that please. Cards and strategy only. and screen shots if you can that would be nice.


To start i have not gotten very far yet only having owned the game for 2 days but already im a big fan.


  • my first tip would be to go compleet story mode before taking on global players who may have already done this and have formations and gems you dont
  • My second tip would be to use the global match opttion to get free cards.  You get 10 free tickets just for signing up. I have not yet gotten any one to multy match me, so i dont know if it gives more cards than single match or not.  I have been trying to get some one to do that, yet no one seams interested in that type of match. :smileysad:
  • my third tip is to try to combo sacrifice sp skills in cover cards with the reversal skills of the bottom card some are pretty good ( try skelly black with green centar warior for example=  -10 agi opponent / +15attack +15 agi for you)

I'm looking for more card combos and ideas please put them up here and discus the advantages or disadvantages.

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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

[ Edited ]

sorry admins for the double post i just wanted to add some more and no one has yet posted here




nice combo just saw this


my opponent used


dragon shield (blue)

(fused) chaos shark (black) [posibly multy fused not sure]




3 card offence formation for extra damage


this worked well because they started with lots of casting power

they used the SP skills of the lamia and the gargoyle to reduce damage to the chaos shark to less than 20

the chaos shark reduces all damage less than 20 to 0


the cards i chose to use did not have any attackers with power greater than 34 so i was not able to take out the chaos shark


the life boost from the fusion also ensured that the 5 point a turn poison did not kill the shark to quickly


they started with a dragon shield (blue card) on top of the gargolye and sacrificed it to boost the chaos shark life even more




top  :  grimoire.... sacrifice, adds 13 atk and 13 agl as well as turning your atk element to black

bottom : centar warrio flip adds 15 atk and 15 agl


total boost 28 attk and 28 agl and black attack elementto what ever creeature you decide to use this with

nice !


i just pulled a grimor in multy player so i thought this was a nice combo their may be better ones so please if you have ideas post them till then have a great day


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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

I like this game, I have a deck setup albeit its not a combo deck but I have been going through the story with it.
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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

Nobody is ever online!!
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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

??? nobody on line, yes it does look that way doesn't it .


actualy i found that it usualy only shows if some one is in one of the multyplayer rooms waiting but offten once they enter a battle the number of players in that space drops. I dont think it counts player in a battle unless they just entered it.


Offten i enter a room select find opponent and wait about 30 seconds for some one to take the callenge.


i have also found that the tornament arena is offten the most buisy.  Most of the time, even if it says there are 0 players in the tornament area, as soon as i select find opponent i usualy do no mater what time of day it has been.


The english speaking loby, however, has been a longer wait almost a full minute at one point.


the global loby is usualy very active,


perhaps there is a flaw in how it shows you who is where and if they are active most of my friends show as off line when infact i know they are 0n line and playing. But this is a subject for a flaws thread we are here for  strategy :smileyhappy:


so with that said i found a simple one that seams to work very well


gold paint man on top of a gargoyle.

step one sack the paint man

make sure you have 7 sp first or it wont work

step two gargoyle filps and kills your painted opponent

(as long as they are not imune to parameter changes)


not bad uses little SP and can take out very large monsters i usualy save that for later on in the battle if i think im losing or if they open up with a large beast like bezelbub or chimera or dijin ect...


if you have any combos or noncombos that work well post them here but save your absolute best ones for your self your own secret weapons :smileytongue:

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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

(according to the rulse after enough time has passed i can post again with out it being a doulbe post )


new one saw some one using this in the multy player mode(many some ones acctualy)


most anoying combo yet award recomended :smileyhappy:


3 cards


2x back lamps ability reduces opponent ag and at by 5 each so total is 10


1x "witch twins poa and pom" gold black card

converts enemy to any random card on the board


i beat them but boy was it anoying to take them out


i actualy ran in to it 3 times in one day today once in the tornament lounge one person got lucky and beat me with it on account that my summoned monter would be changed to a lamp and killed in the same turn but that is just bad luck that does not happen every time :smileyhappy: 


but on the other hand a nother combo that i found quite use full was 


a grimore on top of a gold golem i forgot the golems name at the moment but it flips and turns your most expencive card gold ending with a +13/+13 black attack on a gold monster quite nice :smileyhappy:


if you have any new ideas youd like to share please do or any improvements on the ones posted here please do :smileyhappy:

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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

[ Edited ]

The only idea's I have and like to see added to this game is the folllowing;


Custom Soundtracks (the soundtrack is far to cheesy for my ears)

ability to concede or restart a duel (ojnly against AI),

ability to have combat animations turned off,

better tutorial as I found the turtorial lacking in information

more opponents online, if you like any modern day TCG (Yugioh, Magic, Pokemon, WoW) then you should be able to grasp E.M.O. pretty easy.

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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

[ Edited ]

it was not easy to get past the 100 man battle no matter how many times i tried.


then i won a few cards in the multy player tournament matches and in the regular multy player matches


i have found that the prof of glory cards are very helpful in getting past the 100 man battle especially the ruin god alfeca with a 99 hit that cost no sp also the lamps both the gold one and the black one from the emperor set those were help full to in the end i used "sky god hader" with one gold and one black lamp  and beat the 100 man battle 2 times in a row and got my gold trophy for completing all the single player missions


i had been using the giant tarantula and the grimore but could not get more than 40-50 wins before i lost to the cpu i had though it was an idea all my own since most players like to team the grimore with the spinx but when i decided to test it in multy player best of 3 battle i found a few others who resorted to it as their second hand after i used it to beat their first hand only they had fused their tarantulas and wallopped me for trying that combo so not as original as i had though :smileyhappy:






A tip for the multy player if you have at least 2 tickets use the best of 3 battle no mater what, win or lose you will get 3 cards as long and you don't surrender.  If you do surrender your opponent still gets 3 but you only get one or two depending on how well you had done before you surrendered a rare few may still get three if they surrender the last battle at the last minute but most wont


NEVER SURRENDER NEVER GIVE UP : you get more points that way :smileyhappy:


Also for any battle no mater if it is tournament or not,  it is not the best idea to surrender for ether side winner or loser.  If you surrender you short both you and your opponent points.  In the fight and you need points to get to rank 100.  So even if you are losing, it is best to ride it out so you can get as many points as possible. In the open tournament best of 3 rule that just passed i lost every match as I am low level with not that many cards yet, however I still placed at  28th and got a card for it.  I stayed till the end of every fight even if I was losing just so I could get as many damage points, turn points, and mana points as I could.  Also for not surrendering you get a match bonus, so for surviving as long as possible I managed to place 28th :smileyhappy:



these handy guys change your colors and your opponents but timing and SP are every thing so they can be very tricky to use but if used well you can use one of them in stand by with a good attacker or with one as attacker with a good stand by you can wipe a few of your opponents stronger cards out early in the match



IF your opponent is losing and down to the last card if is not a bad idea to not take any action for a round or two it will get you more mana and more turn points wich will help you and your opponent get up higher in levels and also help you get more points for the tornaments i had one opponent who only had a slime left but they asked me to wait a few turn we waited 8 turns after that before the system declared a draw (it will eventualy do that if you wait to long ) but we got over 2k in points for it wich helped both of us in that tornament and that was the highest point value battle for ether of us so if you realy want that card and your opponent is willing id not wait till it gives a draw but i would wait 2-3 turns if they asked nice it helps us both any how so why not

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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

[ Edited ]

too many of your opponents using grimore ?

too many of your opponents using sphinx?

too many of your opponents have a magic boot ?

dont know what to do about it ?


here is a solution


1) select best of 3battle format

2) make sure that at least one of the 3 sets in your deck have a card with 40AGI or better

** or an sp skill of a specific nature

3) use one or more of the listed atributes to wipe out the grimore or the boot


listed atributes:


-sp skill that turns the tartget card the opponsing color to your summoned monster with 40AG or more

  the sumoned monster attacks and deals double damage so check to make sure it is at least half of the grimore life total plus 9


-sp skill that instant kills gold cards or cards of a value 3 this will kill the boot before it can boost any one


-summoned monster with 40AG or more that can kill the grimore or boot in one hit

  offten a lamp or other card with AG augment ability can be very helpfull


-summoned monster with pre-empt attack that can kill the grimore and/or  the boot in one hit

  (a card with an ability that boots summoned monster attack may be needed to get you to the nessesary attack value)


-stand by card that has sp skill that gives summoned card pre-empt, with a summoned card that can kill the grimore in one hit (note usualy if it can one shot the grimore it can one shot the boot  too)


4) now that the grimore and the boot are gone the sphinx is now less of a problem as you now have the "AG" to attack before it does even if it does transform your monster it will still be weaker than yours is since your first attack will give you a plus 5 to attack and it will be down lower on health than you are


Why am I puting this up?  I see so many sphinxes and grimores every time I play it seams as if that is most new players and some old players "go to set".  It gets a bit monotonus (repetitive and lacking varitey) to fight 20 diferent players in a row all using the same combo, but thanks for the wins guys.

I have concluded that not enough players know how to beat these decks, so my solution is to let people know so that hopefuly ill find more variety in my opponents card sets.


Also happy holidays every one :smileyhappy:


PS admins this does not count as a double post check the time stamps please , several days (weeks?) have passed since the last post it is legal but thank you for checking


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Re: Elemental Monsters Card Game (tactics)

I have a question about this game. When I try and look at tournament rankings, it simply says I am not registered for rankings. 


So, HOW do I get registered for rankings? I have completed a few tournaments, but, don't see a place to change any option to register me.

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