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Re: Map Pack is worth it


KWAKA229 wrote:

I brought the Fu*king map pack, i downloaded it and then when i went to install it, it got to 14% and said it was corrupted data. i have tryd re downloading it and it still done the same thing, can some 1 please help me out i wabt to start playing socom again but untill i have the map pack i am not playing it.


If any 1 knows how to get it to work let me know.

 Its an aussie game n i got it from the ps3 store



Ouch :smileysad:


You've come to the right place for help. As TallPaul said try to download, but do not download in the background. The good thing is that you've paid for it so it will only cost you in time and DL cap.


You may also want to check that you have a PSN - EU account and not trying to DL on a US or other country PSN account  :smileysad:


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Re: Map Pack is worth it

I am downloading it now. When I saw Blizzard on there, I thought oh man, I need to get this. Hopefully I can get back into SOCOM.




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Re: Map Pack is worth it

psxcho wrote:

how does someone with a US socom go about getting it?

and how does it work if some people dont have the map pack? are there different medleys which include the map pack?


you need to get a US PSN card


then make a new a/c set your region to US access the PSN store dl the map pack.


and yes if you dont have the map pack there is still medleys etc to play.


this works because i did it a few weeks ago. Pretty much the only way to go as downloading cold front off the Aus/NZ PSN store wont work

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Re: Map Pack is worth it

There is or was several threads in forums that tells you step by step how to download it all with a US account.  The clan I am with had a pool for downloads, so that we could all share it, I shared my downloads with 2 other people, I think I may have 1 left.  GO forum has a thread as well, Sixaxis also has some info on it.  Pretty surprised that Aus clans did not get organised to share downloads etc.


IMO the map pack is very well worth it, I am still a pretty ***** player but at least now there is more maps to be average on.

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Re: Map Pack is worth it

kwaka did u ever solve the problem caus ei am haveing the same trouble

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Re: Map Pack is worth it

I added money to my wallet with my AMEx if people want to skip the hassle of buying PSN cards from the US. 


I ended up buying a $10 US PSN card without realising it was $14.99 US for the map pack. 


Its 42% d/l atm ... hopefully I dont face any of the problems some are suffering. 

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