19 Mar 2012
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SSX Badges NOT unlocking

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hey hey


specifically the survive badges. :/


I cannot seem to unlock the survive badges for no rewinds and no armor.


Survive first run - unlocked ok

Survive 2 runs - unlocked after 3rd run

Survive 4 runs....


Ive survived more than enough runs with no gear and no rewinds but the badge just refuses to unlock.  Any ideas ?


all runs have been different drops

tried different characters

rebooted and retried runs

Tried different type of runs

all done in explore mode

I have the trophies for a few of the no gear deadly descents too


many thanks in adfvance






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Re: SSX Badges NOT unlocking

you know you have to survive the decent for times its best done in a global survivie event.... you have to survive 4 runs down the same decent more likely in a row  (more easier that way ) to get it  

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Re: SSX Badges NOT unlocking

Yeah, you have to do 4 runs in a row on the same drop.


Easiest one to do it on is probably Broken Elbow.

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many thanks guys


I must have been in n00b mode for the last few days.


Same drop, multi run... kinda makes sense when you read it properly.

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Re: [Resolved]

survive badges 100% \o/

Done the survival runs on Wrecking Crew - Alps (Trees Event)

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