20 Apr 2012
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Starhawk trophy list!

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the Starhawk trophies have been revealed! or, er, found. or dug-up. or stolen-Capture-The-Flag-style-from-a-high-security-trophy-base-on-one-of-the-moons.


the list looks rather hardcore too! Perfect Deathmatch/TDM are back from Warhawk, along with alot of kinda similar combat related ones aswell. though no medals or ranks in Starhawks list, which may make it seems slighty easier (and less time consuming), but still pretty darn tough and no less challenging compared to most other games :smileyhappy:.


would totally be a cool and envy-inducing platinum to have for sure. heres the list (from the Hidden trophies seem to be single player related, and can be viewed at other trophy sites. hopefully theyre all correct.


Starhawk Veteran
Earn every single trophy in Starhawk.


(1 Hidden Trophy).


Get 1,000 kills in multiplayer.
Win 100 multiplayer games.
CTF Veteran
Win 100 Capture the Flag games.
Zones Veteran
Win 100 Zones games.
TDM Veteran
Win 100 Team Deathmatch games.
Team Leader
Play a perfect Team Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).
Lone Wolf
Play a perfect Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).
Prospector Veteran
Win 50 Prospector games.
Perfect Harvest
Win a Prospector game without losing any lives.
Prolific Builder
Build 100 structures in multiplayer.

(1 Hidden trophy).


First Blood
Get your first kill in multiplayer.
The First of Many
Win your first multiplayer game.
CTF Starter
Win your first Capture the Flag game.
Zones Starter
Win your first Zones game.
TDM Starter
Win your first Team Deathmatch game.
Prospector Starter
Win your first Prospector game.
Ready Up
Use Build & Battle for the first time in the campaign.
Build & Battle
Use Build & Battle for the first time in multiplayer.
Curious Builder
Build one of every available structure in a single multiplayer game.
Kill an enemy by dropping a structure on them.
Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Welding Torch.
ARMed and Dangerous
Kill an enemy with the A.R.M.
With the LR-3 Railgun, kill an enemy from more than 2,500 feet away.
Mech My Day
Shoot the pilot out of a Hawk while it's on the ground.
Out of the Saddle
Shoot the driver, passenger, or gunner out of a Razorback.
Kill an enemy with a melee attack.
Rear Gunner
Shoot down a Hawk with the Razorback turret.
Eagle Eye
Shoot down a flying Hawk with the Ox Heavy Tank.
Hat Trick
Destroy a fully-loaded Razorback with R-Sec proximity charges.
Minor Miscalculation
Kill an enemy with his own R-Sec proximity charge.
Annoying Little Fly
Kill a player flying a Vulture pack by ramming them with your Hawk.
Long Bomb
Kill an enemy with a Tetranite Grenade from at least 200 feet away.

(15 Hidden Trophies).


what does everyone think of them? a do-able list? a fun list? a load of nightmare trophies but-who-cares-because-the-games-gonna-rock?

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Re: Starhawk trophy list!

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List on link includes the hidden trophies.

Want to know about the prospector game mode?


Definiately not as hard as the warhawk trophies.

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Re: Starhawk trophy list!

Another game I wont Platinum!!!!!!! purely as I dont play Death match  games.....

Not to sure about the 2500yrd sniper kill!!!

The sniper rifle seemed to have a reduced range at times especially on Dust..

men of the imperium do you want to live for ever!!!
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Re: Starhawk trophy list!

Not the dreaded 'Lone Wolf' again.


If there was a ever a trophy that encouraged cheating, it's this one.

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Re: Starhawk trophy list!

What is the A.R.M.??!!


ARMed and Dangerous
Kill an enemy with the A.R.M.


Is it a weapon? A vehicle? Whatever it is it sounds like it should be awesome!


And does anyone know what "prospector mode" is? I'm guessing it's a mode where teams claim rift spots and try to reach the rift cap before the other team, but I'm just guessing.


What do you guys think?

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Re: Starhawk trophy list!

I used to love small DM games, we always put one in our rotation on SCO Clan practice nights.  My tactic of running around like a headless chicken, knife flailing, earned me a Warhawk Wings or two and got me the 50 combat points thingy.


I got the "Lone Wolf" legit.  I joined a server on the DM rotation, there was only one or two people whom I managed to kill before the round ended and was pleasantly surprised to get the trophy.


I do think the trophies should only have been achievable in full official servers and not unranked and pre-games.


The named trophies look not bad.  Don't know about the hidden ones, but I like surprises (nice surprises, not TOW surprises).

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