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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Damn this is gonna be good...

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

hey guys.


I'd like to register an Aussie side which will have players from the AXE, AHA and QD clans. We are still finalising our lineup but count us in.


also as were 7 hours ahead of you guys it would be nice if we could sort out times that would be mutually convenient:smileyhappy:






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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Can we get a full list of the teams then so we know who needs players?

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Hello folks,

I am pleased to announce that we have 7 full teams participating in our international tournament. An 8th team will be obtained from a match between "International Team 1" and "International Team 2" on May 26th (3pm BST).

The 15 best players create the "Showdowners".

On June 2nd the official knock out phase starts:
  - Team Spain (ES) vs. MWH$ (EN)
  - Old school Team (FR) vs. Warhawk Vets (DE/ EN)
  - Team [F-C] (FR) vs. Team Germany (DE)
  - Showdowners vs. G*F & SPEC (DE)

For this Saturday's match (May 26th at 3pm BST)  add "Mutschegiebchen" to your friends list at least 15min before the match.  Server password will be provided as you add him.

This Saturday International Team 1 and 2 will play:

Map:  Dust
Mode:  Team Death Match
Layout:  Basin
Score Limit: 100
Time Limit: 30 min

Map:  Scourge
Mode:  Zones
Layout:  Cove
Score Limit: 10 000
Time Limit: 30 min

Map:  Space
Mode:  Capture the Flag
Layout:  Orbital
Score Limit: 5
Time Limit: 30 min

As soon as we have the 8th team we will provide you with the details for the matches that are taking place on June 2nd.

If you have any problems or queries, please just post away.


To make it easier for you guys, here is the ID list of the participating teams:
MWH$     Team Spain
1. darthnick   1.  borka69
2. suckley1987   2. Juancc
3. little_peel   3. Jacoy_
4. fraz86     4. SefarII
5. rocamber   5. jifri_cdq
6. Mandar1n   6. ce-jota
7. DieDante   7. Perretemon
8. leemco   8. Esedeivi
9. Dosa072000   9. Aero10
10. Stabbybizzle   10. Villaterminator
11. CougaR-OwnS   11. MenTHOR_U2
12. Repente   12. ANGELoDEMONIO
13. posseidon   13. netto22
14. TheGrinda   14. O-PRIME
15. NivNov    
Old school Team   Warhawk Vets
1. beloutch-easy-13     1. Mabusi
2. ebrulfus     2. sin06220601
3. etche1364     3. Kurby2008
4. JUL1EN094     4. FergieBoy
5. la-torpille59     5. Alexius92
6. mrpropre10     6. Mindoci
7. Nobunaga65     7. nezbit82
8. one59     8. kebap96
9. STARSCREAM-1301 9. highlander234
10. toesca64   10. BoomTartanArmy
11. vesti94   11. StarHakz
12. woimzirrr   12. Bradly1821
13. yoda64   13. xaoxmarcel
14. yothekill1000   14. SuperStraubi
15. zzarafhe   15. BigCheese87
Team [F-C]   Team Germany
1. SimaoPhoenix     1. Hunter_95_Flori
2. Sibanak     2. Willson84
3. DavyJones1680     3. Greenhawker_10
4. Radikal76     4. Haci15
5. ScHtrOUmpF     5. xX_Felix96_Xx
6. guedin-du76     6. Zarenbad
7. ronon_27_shooter 7. Nagatochi
8. feifong     8. MARVIN_1980
9. wixx7     9. Qertikal
10. Klyysm   10. BladeRunner1705
11. Darkwam.   11. Jasnx
12. JohnWWT   12. divio
13. maxspurs   13. Rawboy ?
14. jamyx     14. karambolage
15. GnS_Zirka   15. The_Darkseif
G*F & SPEC   Showdowners
 1. Marco4711   ?
 2. Stiff123   ?
 3. Dennis_4711   ?
 4. Killeratze   ?
 5. Benni1913   ?
 6. Jinzo62   ?
 7. Skydance   ?
 8. barefot   ?
 9. Longalex   ?
10. Stalker486   ?
11. kaufland   ?
12. Jumpy1993   ?
13. UHP     ?
14. Supahtomcat   ?
15. mikkru   ?
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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

OK, so I join the international game tomorrow at 3pm and that will decide the random 8th team. Cheers, I just hope my connection does not die on me!

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Well it was a good game this afternoon guys, especially the TDM on Dust which was very evenly matched. We should make a good team next week so watch out everyone!

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

[ Edited ]

Maybe we should play together just once before the Torunament? On selection matches last Saturday everyone looks like playing for their own. For example in TDM I build a Tank Factory and nobody tought to put there a shield, so enemy destroy factory quick. Tanks, as you know, is the basis. We should prepare some kind of strategy before Saturday.

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Well I've been asking Mutcshegiebchen to move our first match to the afternoon, because I don't think I can make it in the evening (the weeks after would be ok, but I've got a family gathering this week).


I thought the first two games were promising - the TDM was a well fought, even battle and the Zones was a great example of the winning team working together. The CTF never really got going IMO but I'm not sure if you'd get everyone together before Saturday. Add me if you like, I'll be on most nights: wingkong85


Our team still needs to be updated on here as well. 

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Also, Mutcshegiebchen has set up a thread for the "international" team which we have constructed to make use of those who did not have a team.


Here is the thread and the roster.  It's in the German forum but as you're an international team I guess it won't matter what language you speak




1. BroDon83 (DE)
2. Makes87 (DE)
3. Naivel1990 (DE)
4. Suchla (DE)
5. Smoutefretter_BE (NL)
6. CyberDie21 (NL)
7. Aegonian (NL/ EN)
8. Komodo_PL (PL)
9. MusterBuster (EN)
10. Kingfox (EN)
11. cringles88 (EN)
12. Wingkong85 (EN)
13. ridster3 (EN)
14. Stezza (EN)
15. Irvin_Zisman (RU)
16. riderr3 (RU)
17. Zimon (SC)
18. ZI-OR (SC)
19. SkynetRules (SC)
20. The_Dvs-Bstd (SC)

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Re: [TOURNAMENT] Starhawk Showdown

Remember everyone, Showdowners training on Wednesday, 20:00 (UK time)/21:00 (middle Europe time), bring headsets and see you on serwers!

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