GPS support

Status: Planned
by Sixthday on ‎05-05-2012 02:05 AM

Please provide/open GPS API for vita and tablet.




Give players the ability to actually approach each other while playing a game (RPG mostly). How cool is that.

Status: Planned
by MVP on ‎06-05-2012 21:37 PM

It'd be an incentive to purchase the 3G console for a more accurate experience. That'd benefit Sony, and improve the experience for everyone else.


I like this idea Smiley Happy

by jose213jose on ‎08-05-2012 18:48 PM

Um hi, not sure how to use the software can someone show me youtube video on how to use it? IT would help if i saw someone using it then i can get some kind of idea what to do.

by steve_parkes on ‎26-09-2012 10:28 AM

I have a strong idea for a Vita/Xperia game that requires geo services to be enabled that I was going to enter into the PlayStation Mobile Prototype Funding Opportunity.  Is 'Position information' in the roadmap a poor translation for location services?  Is it worth pursueing an idea that relies upon something that isn't in the API 10 months after it was first mentioned in the forums as a desired feature?

by PSM Dev Support on ‎15-02-2013 13:21 PM
Status changed to: Planned
by AlacrityFitz on ‎29-09-2013 19:36 PM

I was trying to find a way to develope a Wherigo app before I realized the GPS functions on Vita are still in the PLANNED stage.


i am moving ahead with the coding for decrypting the cartridges but would love an update to the gps status



by caramelsponge on ‎02-10-2013 18:26 PM

Looking at the 1.20 documentation there are location APIs in the SDK and there has been a map app on the store for a few months too.