Increasing the limit of available memory for resources and code

Status: Under Consideration
by slaw9 on ‎02-05-2012 12:38 PM

It seems that the current limit of 96MB for resources and code is not enough for most games

with richer resources. In my opinion the most important lack of this amazing tool is too low memory limit.


by ShinNali on ‎15-05-2012 03:29 AM

I consider both this and support of compressed textures completely important. PS Suite seems to have been created to compete with iOS apps but they already have a head start that they can utilize every bit of resource on the iOS device the app can target.

by this_is_r on ‎15-10-2012 14:16 PM

Totally agree. As soon as mono vm on vita is slow enough to kill gameplay of a more or less complex game we would need more system resources to preload content, so we do not touch GC while in gameplay. Give the full power of device to the community. If Sony does this, their store will be literally flooded with games and apps. While strict enough moderation exists you (Sony) will not have garbage in store. But the stuff that will exist there will bring you more customers. Let community developers decide which of PS Certified devices ti support. XPlay is outdated anyway. Instead you almost make us to make one newron games that do need much resources. How do you thing your platform is going to survive? Don't get me wrong. Vita is one of the most significant devices Indies can code for. But please, let indies do their job. I doubt you'll be disappointed.



by BrianBeuken on ‎15-10-2012 16:30 PM

I'm sure there's good reasons for it, but I must admit I've been finding the restriction incredibly difficult on my current project which due to its design is very memory intense...I would also like to request an increase in app size



by PSM Dev Support on ‎15-02-2013 13:23 PM
Status changed to: Under Consideration