Remove the requirement to purchase a $99 yearly license just to test a game on a physical device.

Download Codes.

by Beta Tester kinggizmo on ‎15-05-2013 14:21 PM

It is currently impossible to get hold of free codes to distribute for people to review. I think this is incredibly important - as it is a good way to get people to hear about your title, as people on the most part are not going to pay to review a game... It would be great if we could get codes to distribute in all of the stores that we provide to.

Hello! I have some suggestions.


  • Platform Specific Titles (PS Vita Only Titles)
  • Back Touch Panel Support
  • Increase the RAM Limit
  • Heavy Optimization of Mono VM on the Vita
  • Let us take advantage of the Vita's Full Power




Status: Under Consideration
Only Optimisation of Mono VM is under consideration. The rest are not planned

So, having ranted how if we use the OSC, we can't do touchscreen, I am now going to be a complete hypocrite.


This new Vita TV device looks AWESOME! A really good way to expand the Vita's market. I can see this being chucked in the kids bedroom so they can play the odd titles, and stream the PS4 when parents are watching Eastenders.


However, I noticed a distinct lack of PSM information. This is probably because of the lack of touchscreen support. That's fine. But my game doesn't support touchscreen and makes use of the OSC. Surely, for the Vita TV, it's just a case of turning the UI bit of the OSC off, and then my game will fully work on a Vita TV? I'd love for this to happen and expand the indie market a bit more!

Status: Not Planned

Playstation Mobile to PS3

Status: Under Consideration
by Wakefulness on ‎12-07-2012 22:58 PM

Please, consider adding the Playstation Mobile platform to PS3.


[PlayStation Mobile could come to PS3]



Trophy support for PSM games

Status: Under Consideration
by Pandara on ‎18-12-2013 17:58 PM



PS3, PS Vita and now new PS4 games have trophy support, it would be greatly appreciated by the communauty if PSM games got this too.


A lot of player love this system and an interaction between all games with trophy support would be awesome.


We wait this trophy support on PSM games for a long time... Hope this dream will become true one day !


Maybe it's a lost bottle throwed at the sea but it would great to listen this idea.


Thanks !


(English isn't my first langage so don't be afraid if I do langage mistakes)

Increase RAM Limit

Status: Under Consideration
by Spykam25 on ‎04-06-2013 23:49 PM



Will you guys ever increase the RAM limit? Maybe increase in the next verson of PSM and include a class that detects the type of device the game is being ran on so we can use it to load different content for low end devices and high end devices? This will allow us to load content made for low end devices and load higher quality content for devices with more ram. Could you guys add seperate limits? 96MB for low end and more ram for high end devices? I know I said that a lot in many different ways lol but you know what I mean. Smiley Happy

From test shown in this topic :

we can clearly see that computation speed is far from acceptable on the device.


Please consider more work on VM optimization or give us access to make apps in c++.

Not sure why this hasn't happened yet. When you visit you should be able to view, browse, and buy Playstation Mobile games. The more exposure, the better and I'm sure plenty of folks mainly buy from the PC Online store as it's pretty fast and fluid and works well most of the time. If you look at the attached image, with my bad photoshop skills, it would basically be like that when you click on "Games". You have PSM section where you can view the offerings for PSM and download it to your account, if you so choose.


PSM Store.png








This is regarding the developers who have already paid the 100$ for a developers license. I'm personally not interested in a refund of any sort, in fact I'm very glad Sony is actively looking for ways to increase the size of the PSM development community. 


I do however feel that existing developers should at least have their license expiry date extended from the period of the free PSM license which would be September 2014. 


Developers could just sign up for a second account to get the benefits of an extension (2 accounts) but I would much rather have only one PSM account that's also tied to my primary PSN account. 


I tried going to the psmdev site to "re-register" in hopes it would extend my expiry date but that didn't work. 


Is the PSM team considering this issue? Will there be an annoucement soon in regards to how the recent free PSM release affects existing PSM developers who have paid a license fee?


Augmented Reality API

Status: Under Consideration
by Potato4H3ad on ‎07-11-2012 15:02 PM

Please consider CartBlanche's post in

about an Augmented Reality (AR) API.

When you buy a PS Vita you already get some AR cards with it.

However, currently with PSM we (as deveopers) cannot do anything interesting with these cards.


If PSM could be extended with an Agmented Reality API, I think a much more broader range of augmented reality games may come availble on the market.

In that case, PSM would offer very exciting possibilties for not only PS Vita but also all other PSM certified devices!

So if you want to be able to develop for example something like this ...

Augmented reality example

... please mention this by posting a comment for this suggestion!



PSM on the PS4

by rbratton22 on ‎16-09-2013 22:21 PM

With the release of the PS4 approaching I was wondering Sony is supporting Indie developers all the way this time around is there any chance that PSM will be released as a cheaper alternative to development for the PS4 as well  

Trophies, the importance of them.

Status: Not Planned
by Cutter-T on ‎11-06-2012 19:56 PM

I have a PSVita and I love it, but sometimes I can only take my phone with me. PSMobile is a great idea, because (I'm assuming) I'll be able to play simple indie games on the Vita with the very good screen and buttons, transfer my save (hopefully via cloud saves using PS+) and continue on my phone if I need to. (These don't have to be launch features, but something down the line would be good).


Although personally it won't break or make a game for me (although I know others will care more), earning trophies would make the PSMobile experience that much sweeter. I know that obviously measure would need to be put in place to stop developers overloading the game/making it too easy, (grinding). If a limit on the number of trophies was put in place (5 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold) for example, that would be great.


An article of an interview with a game deloper highlights this (


This is about PSMinis, and three issues were raised, but as far as I'm aware 2 of these are already being addressed:

- lack of online features

- lack of demos


I am personnally not an PSM developer (yet), but as a gamer, I would like to highlight this.


Thank You for reading.




Status: Not Planned

Visual Studio Integration

Status: Under Consideration
by wan_cheshire on ‎08-08-2012 11:04 AM

As a C# developer, I use Visual Studio on a daily basis and I am pretty used to by now.


It's OK to use MonoDevelop as it stands close by Visual Studio in terms of interface and basic functionallities. But it is still big tradeoff and I feel there is a loss of productiivity here.


Also, it feels pretty wierd to me to use MonoDevelop for writing C# code on a Windows OS where I could use Visual Studio for the same purpose.

Even wierder when you think that PS3 and PSVita native toolchains fully integrates with Visual Studio.


For these reasons I feel there is a real need for Playstation Suite Developer Tools for Visual Studio.

PlayStation Mobile SDK support for C/C++ as it is the game developing choice of language by developers.


Just like the other platforms.

At present, the memory size setting can not be used only 96MB.
I can not take advantage of this in the performance of a high-performance Android.

Xperia Z : 1.5GHz quad-core "APQ8064".
Display 1920x1080.
Even though it is equipped with 2GB of main memory, allows only 96MB is very disappointing.

We desire raising of a memory use maximum, in order to make the game of rich graphics.



新しく対応したXperia Zは1.5GHzクアッドコア「APQ8064」を搭載。



Profiling Tools

Status: Planned
by Infinite_Daremo on ‎13-07-2012 09:02 AM

Would be nice to identify potential bottlenecks in code.

Status: Planned

More exaustive documentation

Status: Planned
by emanuevil81 on ‎07-12-2012 20:14 PM

Some parts of the documentation are really lacking and obscure, with many descriptions made of few words, leaving us with many trial and error sessions to get the correct use of certain things. The documentation should be more exaustive and with little examples of use.


Just an example:


(in the Image class)

voidDecode ()
 Decodes image.
What does this mean?
The answer is in the image constructor desciption:

Image constructor (from filename)

filenameImage filename

The image is not actually decoded immediately after Image is created from an image file. To decode the image, Decode() must be called. However, even if the image has not been decoded, it is still possible to obtain Size, for example. The currently supported image file formats are PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF


Why something like this is not written in the description of decode() too?


As i said this is only an example, the documentation should be more in-depth.

Status: Planned

Dualshock 3 support for simulator

Status: Implemented
by YstadYakuza on ‎05-05-2012 01:12 AM

Please add Dualshock 3 support to the emulator. It would be very helpful to connect my PS3 controller to my PC so that I could test analog controls.

Status: Implemented