Currently, an inactive app is not able to do anything but sleep until it gets activated again.

Processing is simply prevented by the (PS specific) Virtual Machine.

So while playing another game, your app will just sleep and not process any events.


However, a lot of apps would benefit from a way to notify the user that someting interesting has happened.

A nice (but native) example is what Skype for PS Vita does when a new call arrives on the PS Vita.


A very simple example is an alarm clock notifying you that it is time to wake up.

I can imagine that there are many other examples that may want to notify users in order to inform that something interesting occured (like for instance a new news/chat/alert/call/... item somewhere on the Internet).


This all will not be possible if the Mono VM is really pausing apps during other gameplays.


Therefore, I would like to ask for support for notification and background processing

For this, Sony would need to implement a method that provides a way to disable pausing the VM.

Even if it would mean that this background process would run with low priority (to prevent performance hits for other apps), it is better than having nothing running on the background at all.


This suggestion has come up during discussions on topic "Notificati​ons when app runs in background" with (at this moment of writing) TeamICE1, niwrA and me (Potato4H3ad).


Forum members, can you please let us know if you also have needs for this support by placing a comment (or give a Kudo if you have rights to do give it)?


Status: Not Planned