04 May 2012
By Bendell


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Cant download items from the playstation store

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I have just redeemed my code for battlefield 3 to receive the same message every time I try to download, the only reason I brought the game was to play online and now I cant. I have rung up support several times and nothing they suggested worked. I am not able to download anything in the playstation store, by as soon as I change to a different profile I am able to again but as the online pass is a one off code I am not able to use it on another account. Very fustrating. My brother has a playstation too and downloads work perfectly fine on his, so my is it just my account/login that will not let me download items from the playstation store.

Any help pleaseeee

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Re: Cant download items from the playstation store

Ok sounds like to me that your user profile is corrupted.

User profiles if corrupted have to be deleted.

You can then create the profile again and then using the same sign in id email address and password can then be used.

Once used then you can access the online pass again.



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