21 Jan 2011
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How to Hook up Drums, Guitars and Mics to PS#

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I have several copies of Guitar hero games, Band Hero, Rock band and Singstar. With the Singstar I have the cordless Mics and I got a guitar with guitar hero 5 as well as a logitech premium wooden guitar. I want to know ho I can hook up both the guitars and Mics at same time to use with rock band and band hero when I only have 2 USB slots? I brought a non genuine plastation charging stand to charge me controllers which has 2 USB outputs in the base but they don't work with guitars. Any ideas? I want to buy Logitech drums down the line don't want to buy the band hero packs as a lot of friends find the drums break

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Re: How to Hook up Drums, Guitars and Mics to PS#

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You need a USB hub.

You can get them from dicksmith or JB hifi or even from an Australia Post shop

The two usb slots on the charging stand only supply power. It is not a USB hub.. unfortunately.

deader than the ANZ forum :( .
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