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Hey, I have an issue with a purchase on PSN

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A while back, my dad visited Hong Kong and while he was there he bought me GT5, I've been playing it recently and decided to purchase some DLC's for the game. My friend bought me a $30 PSN card for my Birthday and I used it to buy 3 DLC's that came to $29.85 but they did not work.


I went onto the game and click the DLC Icon and it said I had none purchased, I went back on PSN Store and Re-Downloaded all the DLC's, same thing, nothing happened.


So I decided to log onto the US Playstation website and ask in the forums, they suggested that its maybe because i've got the game from a different country. They also told me to contact Playstation in Australia and said they would sort it out.


I don't want to be ripped of $30 so can someone please help me, also if you can, can you sent me contact info for Playstation Australia.





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Re: Hey, I have an issue with a purchase on PSN

DLC is region locked in order to match the ratings and classifications in each region. Your game will be from the Asian region, and only DLC downloaded from the Asian Store will work with it.

For contact information, simply look in the back cover of any of your game manuals, or the PS3 manual that came with your console. You'll find the phone number to call there.
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