11 Jul 2012
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PS3 wont play DVD's?

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I am having a few issues with my PS3 and hope it is not one of the hardware related faults I keep hearing about


I am having problems with DVD playback with the unit either not picking up the disc on insertion or it stalls soon after playing. locks the machine completley and needspower rest to reboot.


interestingly games and blu ray seem fine with no problems observed yet


I also run Playtv and I am having recording issues with the files being split


is my unit poked?

i have not tried to reinstall anything yet as I would rather not lose the recorded content if possible

lat time I moved files out of playtv I lost the sound but that is another frustration


I hear it takes weeks for repairs so any help advice much appreciated 

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Re: PS3 wont play DVD's?

Try playing an audio CD, or try reading a CD-Rom in your PS3. If those fail, then it is likely your infrared laser diode in your drive is faulty.

The drive contains two laser diodes; a blue laser for Blu-ray format games and movies, and an infrared laser for other media (DVD/CD). If one of these fails, then certain discs cannot be read.
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Re: PS3 wont play DVD's?

Hi PaulRenee,


I'm sorry hear that your PS3 is having DVD issues. 


I agree with Renze please try what he has said and  I suggest you contact Playstation Support to book your console in on the following numbers:


AU: 1300 365 911

NZ: 09 415 2447

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