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18 Jul 2011
By FurySevenSix


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Problem Solved

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The Accepted Solutions FAQ

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The Accepted Solutions FAQ



What is Accepted Solutions?


Accepted Solutions is a feature which enables you to highlight a response to your question/problem as the one which solved your query completely. It's a great way of thanking another member for helping you out, and for showing off that response as the best one.


Who can use Accepted Solutions?


Only the Author of the thread or the Community Team can mark a post as the AcceptedSolution. 


How should I use Accepted Solutions?




If you have raised a question and someone has posted an answer or a solution, please make sure you mark that post as the Accepted Solution. This achieves 2 things:


  • It marks your thread with a tick, which informs the wider community that the issue or question has been resolved.
  • It provides a direct link to the solution for anyone else who has the same problem. Just click on the 'tick' in the first post of the thread. You can check this out by clicking the tick in this thread. 

How do I mark a post as the Accepted Solution?


To mark a post as the Accepted Solution - all you need to do is click the 'Mark as AcceptedSolution' button on the post in question.


Accepted Solutions isn't available to me despite the fact that I started the thread...


Sometimes, Accepted Solutions wont be available. This is either because the Community Team have turned it off, or that the Community Team have already selected the appropriatesolution. It may also be that you have been banned from using it due to abuse, in which case you will have been contacted by a moderator.


Can I turn Accepted Solutions off for my thread?


No. However, only you can mark a post as the solution, so if you don't want to use it... don't!







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