09 May 2012


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Activation of pre loaded games on PSPgo

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Just purchased a second hand PSPgo with several games already on it which the previous owner purchased and used. However when we create our own account and activate games , we then go to play a game and it says "This content cannot be accessed on your account" .does this mean unless I am the original owner I cannot use any of these games?????

Help please!!

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Re: Activation of pre loaded games on PSPgo

Yes it does I'm afraid. Games are tied to the PSN ID they we're purchased with. In order to play on it you'll need to buy them.

You'd be as well formatting the PSP and starting again. (if you do that remember to death prise your account in account management first).

Lots of games are only around £7 now so it's not all bad news! :smileyvery-happy:
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