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05 Jul 2011
By MoltenArmour


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CP Pro 4gamers headset question.

0 Replies 287 Views Created 05-07-2011

 I have been looking at getting the CP pro 4 gamers headset. Linky and at the moment I use a pc monitor as my screen so have my current ipod headphones plugged in via a AV to 3mm jack adaptor like this one . I can see from the CP pros that you get a usb connection aswell as the AV bit that is then plugged into the telly as well as the speakers. BUT I can not plug the AV bits into the telly so what i am asking is would it be fine it i just pluged the PS3's AV cables straight into the headphone AV bits and just left it like that? would I get sound? 


Sorry I am a bit of a noob when it comes to technical things, and i dont have tonnes of money to get much more expensive headset.

also if anyone has these could let me know what they are like :D 


Thank you in advance!

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