06 Apr 2012
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Can't deactivate " video " from old ps3

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Tried that website many times , keep saying I need the console . 

Says i have 3 activated for games ( i've only owned 2 consoles ) :/ 

I can't DL anything from " video " section of the store due to this , the console died a while back and was then smashed to 10000000000000000000000 pieces .

I thought that site was meant to work But never does for me OR my friend who is in same boat as me .

HELP ???

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Re: Can't deactivate " video " from old ps3

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The web site is not for Video or music, it was only for set up for games as they had the T&C changed.

If you want your Video access reset You have to STILL do it the old way .

The Movie studios who own the copy right require a Vocal phone call to Sony CS and they will then do a reset  for you IF you remain carm and polite. use the Phone. 


This is required as they Will be Deleting all access to Any Video content you had in the Past , on all past consoles you have ever used not just owned. dead or not.


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Re: Can't deactivate " video " from old ps3



Unfortunately you can't deactivate by yourself without the system at hand and in a working state.

In order to fix this you will need to call up customer support who will hopefully be able to deactivate the system if you explain what happened.


You can obtain contact details for your relevant Customer Support in this thread.


I hope this helps you return to your movie enjoyment :smileyhappy:

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