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05 Jul 2007
By: [slimserver]


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Cannot connect PSP to Internet connection OK

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Hi All,
I can connect to the internet on my PSP via my wireless network. I cannot get the slimserver interface ( Music server) to show up on the ip address that works on the other machines on my network i.e.

Is there an issue with numerical ip addresses on the PSP?
Psp System software version 2.81
signal strength 100%
The error I get is " Communication with the server failed. A DNS error has occurred."(80410414)

This guy here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYiQ4Fq46Ns is streaming radio from the squeezebox and the IP address of his slimserver is so I know with his psp its possible to get the connection to the standard (for SlimServer) ip and port number.
The SlimServer version is 6.5.0

Thanks for reading this


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