06 Nov 2008
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Error 80023102

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Before you say anything - yes i have looked on the forum to find this answer and none that i have found proved useful in the slightest.


Account funding is ruined for myself and ALOT of other people it seems as these forums are filling up with this topic and no answers so im making mine in the tech section to see if scee will get off their butts and openly admit "yes we're sorry we made a mistake we'll fix it soon" rather than keeping me in the dark.


I try to add funds to my account and BLAH - nothing i get this 80023102 error and ive had this for over a month. Infact i first noticed this problem a couple of patches ago. I can do all else fine i can browse, i can purchase free things etc but when I try to add it says error.


I did a little test too. I logged onto my friends PSN from my ps3 and we went on his account to buy stuff but it came up with the same error for him on my ps3. apparently it works fine for him back on his ps3 so this feels like my ps3 is nackerd. its a 60gig version which i dont fancy giving up for repairs cuz its now cinsidred 'rare' so if i send it off for repairs then they better keep everything thats inside just .... fix it not replace it unles they got spares which i doubt.


So what is this problem? its dam annoying as i cant buy anything from my account.

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