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24 Jan 2012


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GAME,HD or PS3!!!

0 Replies 115 Views Created 24-01-2012
24 Jan 2012
2 things, 1 real annoyance n 1 im slightly worried about, 1st n foremost is skyrim, i know its got bugs but im getting missions i CANT complete, i'll get a war mission to take over a fort n i get the headers ect fine, it'l say "go and meet the men preparing to take it" i get there... NO MEN but it'l say completed n giv me the next headline "kill 100% of the imperials" but when i get there... NO IMPERIALS!! like sume dropped a nuke on the place, the best thing is iv loaded a REAL early save =( done it ALL AGAIN only 4 it to do EXACTLY the same thing but a different fort and part of the questline! on top of the freezing its nearly cost my ps3 its life, iv deleted the game data ect, still does it! Then the 2nd problem (wich links) is my game saves files on the xmb, right at the bottom theres a stange UNKNOWN GAME SAVE, it says 1 file on info but theres nothing there so i have noway of deleting it and now i JUST realised its been filling up with corrupt game saves but from skyrim and that was there b4 i got skyrim!!!! STRANGE! the wierd thing is it was on my 120slim b4 i did a data transfere 2 my new(ish) 250slim n now its on this new ps3 its gone off my old ps3 even tho nothing else was deleted!!! confusing i know, is there even a fix for this cuz i only jus replaced one ps3? PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP its getting me vexed!
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