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09 Sep 2009
By rockout_13


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JVC camcorder files wont play

0 Replies 191 Views Created 09-09-2009

I have a JVC Hard Disk Camcorder model - GZ-MG135AA. After recording footage I copy the files accross to my PC. I think the video files are MOV or MPEG2 with an audio format of AC3. Once these are on my PC (they play fine in windows media player) I copy them to a Segate 1TB external hard drive which is link through the usb port on the PS3. I then go to play them on the PS3 and the folder I store them in comes up as empty. I have had the Video camera for some time and have heaps of footage so converting hours of footage isn't an option. Is there some way I can install some sort of codec/converter or something as I am that technical onto my PS3 to solve this issue?


Thanks Jeremy

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