20 Nov 2010
By whitworth


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PS3 Gigabit Ethernet Speed Capped ??

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My question is fairly simple - although the PS3 supports connecting at gigabit ethernet, is the actual throughput capped?


I've done some tests. Cat6 cables, Gigabit router, Gigabit PC network card. Copying files from pc to ps3.


100Mb Half duplex -  throughput is ~ 34Mbps

100Mb Full duplex -  58Mbps

1000Mb Half Duplex - 58Mbps

1000Mb Full Duplex - 58Mbps


PC to PC 1000Mb Full Duplex  ~ 690Mbps


I have tried custom settings (obviously) and automatic - makes no difference. It just looks like a limitation of the PS3's chipset.





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