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19 Dec 2011
By beanwagbo


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PS3 No signal after YLOD

0 Replies 221 Views Created 19-12-2011
I am currently without my PS3 over Xmas which is my worst nightmare! I have attempted to fix the YLOD which I believe I have done successfully, however, I cannot get any signal from my PS3 now. I have tried resetting with the 2 beeps on more than 5 occasions so I know it is not that. The PS3 switches on fine now but I cannot get the pads to connect with the PS3 and whatever I do be it AV, Scart or HDMI I can get no picture. Has anyone experienced the same? I have also tried taking apart and re-assembling again just to make sure there was no paste where it shouldn't be and that everything was connected where it should be. Any ideas gratefully received - thanks in advance......
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