04 May 2010


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Hi ya hopefully someone may be able to help me with this really strange problem.


I was bought a PS3 for my 18th birthday bundled with FIFA 10.

The game, the console everything etc works completely fine.

The only problem is their is no audio commentary on Fifa at all. Here is a list of the things I have tried to attempt solving this problem. Please let me know if you've got any other ideas or suggestions...



I have tried....


Using a standard AV/Scart connection. (The commentary did work but why would I want to view it on AV when I can use HD).

2 different HDMI cables

2 different Televisions

I have swapped the copy of Fifa 10 for another in the store i purchased it from

Looked at all of the game settings and confirmed that audio is set to on and on full volume

Looked at all settings for the console itself and all seem to be fine

I have tried playing an earlier version of Fifa 08. No commentary in this game either

Tried contacting EA through their email support service. The service is broken

Tried looking for an EA sports helpline number (Apparently this doesn't exist)

I've searched the net for hours looking for answers.

Checked for updates to both system and games

I today swapped fpr a new PS3 from the store I purchased the original from. (Same problem, new console)

I have looked through 100's of forum threads


and now I am completely stuck as to what to do from here. Has anyone got any bright ideas. Obviously I can still use the console and the game but what's Fifa without the commentary.



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