22 Jul 2010
By Khai-FX
Playstation Staff

PS3 Slim 120GB (CECH-2003A Model) really hot... Cracked a Game.

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I know the "my PS3 cracked my Game" thing has been shouted about before, but I had no idea of the frequency of it. After so many Xbox's broke over the world I am starting to think that the PS3 is no better.

My PS3 has cracked my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 disc. In the crack going approx 3mm outwards. The issue is not so much about that but about the heat of the system. It appear that this thing hardly "pushes" any air out of the back and the tucked away in-take and general lack of, means my PS3 Slim gets hot.

Due to the direction in which my house faces, opening my windows doesn't allow any air to come in. (House faces North West, but the air flow in most southern areas of the UK comes in from the South West. This means that opening my windows does absolutely nothing. All my electronics must line the back wall, well away from the window and also far away from the radiator, since it sits underneath. My door is tucked away in a corner away from my electronics and is actually closer to the window, so should any rare breeze actually come in, it immediately goes out the door. If I close the door, there is no current, so again, air doesn't move. Rearranging my room is not an objection, due to it's shape, location of windows, the door, the direction inward to my house and the plug.

Almost 2 days ago now I was playing my PS3 Slim in a 26, possibly 27 degree room. Since getting my console in the later part of MAY (2010) everytime I played it I touched the top of the PS3 (in the centre) and thought... "WOAH.. that's hot", but given it was my first PS3 I thought perhaps the way it was. Anyway a day before checking my discs I read A LOT of threads over the web about cracked games and that simply made me think Sony are just about as useless as Microsoft. I decided never to play my console in the hot weather again. 1 day later (2 days ago) I checked my discs and BEHOLD! A crack has formed!

When my room is regularly 26+ degrees (Sun sets behind my house. I have a black out blind too but that does nothing in keeping heat out from direct sunlight, heat still gets in, no breeze, no air, etc. ridiculous. Physics sucks) what the hell do I do?


My PS3 is in a nice open space. Has about 7 inches of space at the back, and about 20 on one side and 10 on the side. It sits openly on top of a stand with nothing above it and the wooden slats it sits on have gaps in which means more surface area underneath is exposed. Everytime I play the console for 2 hours, it's raging hot. Whenever I eject a disc, it's almost to the point of burning me. No doubt this has caused my game to crack by weakening the plastic.

I've spent well in the region of £1200 this generation on failing Xbox's, games and accessories and when I bought a PS3 Slim, I though woot, finally... some reliability. This doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe another £240 wasted?

I cannot afford AC (Air Conditioning) and I do not wish to use a clip on fan which will simply break my console anyway. Everyone knows heat rises. If I go downstairs it's cool. It's all laminated down there. I come up here and halfway during the journey upstairs you can feel the temperature increase many degrees. My room also has laminate wood flooring. This HD Monitor for my PC is also used for my PS3. It churns out a lot of heat. I also have a PC but that's not hot.

I'm tired of replacements, terribly designed hardware, newer models of everything which result in your first purchase being completely out of date... this generation is a disaster. I still have a PS2 Phat which is well over 7 years old. I gamed on Playstation Online during the Socom 1, 2 and 3 era and played BFMC2. It was practically always on. It still works to this day. Sure the Xbox failed. It got repairs though didn't it, and it never once broke my game, which unfortunately, CANNOT BE REPAIRED.

Ideas? How can I cool my room a bit. Maybe put my PS3 on the lowest part of the open stand (few inches from the floor) to be the coolest? This is driving me nuts! Sorry for the long post. I wish Sony didn't put a HDD under the Blu-Ray Player and perhaps opted for an external power brick.