19 Feb 2012
By nikk900
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PS3 keeps restoring?

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I think my ps3 may be broken but I'm not sure what to do.

I was playing assassin's creed revelations and it froze, when I turned it back on it said it did not shut down properly and the hard drive was corrupt and needs to restore. So I did that hoping it would now be fine, but then I turned it off again normally and turned it back on and it did it again. It kept doing every time I turned it on, and as I write this it just did it again, but this time when it finished restoring, it restarted and did it again.

I'm unsure of what to do.

Do I need to replace the hard drive?

Do I need to restore the hard drive?

Do I need a new console?

If I do replace the hard drive, do I need to deactivate the ps3 for downloads?

Is there a way to fix this without losing my stuff?

I know you can re-download games etc but will I be able to get all my ps plus stuff back?

I'm worried because I have a 500gb hard drive and have used most of it up with lots of games and to re-download it all, would take ages.

I'm not as worried about game saves, as anything I am currently playing is saved in cloud saving.

Someone help please.

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Re: PS3 keeps restoring?

Can you access PS3 safe mode at all?
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Re: PS3 keeps restoring?

Sorted now, used safe mode to format the hard drive, so now i am downloading all my stuff agian.

my only problem is my game saves from my cloud saving are gone?

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