06 Oct 2011
By matonking


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PS3 no image (even after reset) and controller won't connect at all...

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I got my PS3 refurbished about 5 months ago as I had BLOD (blue light of death - where the ps3 would show signs of life - ejecting discs, blue light, could even start a game - and yet there was no image or sound)

Factory resets and 'safe mode' wouldn't solve the problem.

However after the refurbish, the ps3 was working great and has up until an hour ago.

My new issue

I was playing the BF3 beta today and it frooze ( this wasn't a new thing as it frooze at least once a day - and is something that other people seem to be experiencing ( lets face it the beta isn't exactly bug free) )

I thought nothing of it and turned off the ps3, and did some uni work and about an hour ago I turned on the ps3 using the PS botton on the controller.

I turned on the PS3, blue and green light comes on disc starts turning e.t.c
No image on the TV
I did the *press and hold* to reset the video ---- nothing.
I turned it off and back on ---- nothing.
I changed to AV cables --- nothing.
I reset video while using AV cables --- nothing.
I changed TV --- still nothing.

*note: the ps3 is turning on - blue and green lights*

I then noticed the my controller isn't connecting.
Press the PS botton, 4 red lights flash for about 3-4seconds and then stops
Connecting the dual shock controller to the PS3 using the usb cable also does not allow a connection
I changed controller using an older one -- still no connection
I even reset each controller using the little botton at the back -- again nothing.


PS3 40gb fat

PS3 was working fine just 6 hours ago

PS3 turns on (blue and green lights - can also put discs in and eject them)

No image on the screen at all (even after trying to reset video settings AND trying to access safemode)

Controller will not connect to PS3.


What do you think? I'm going to contact the company that restored the PS3 as I still have another 3 months warrenty on the unit that they gave me.

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Re: PS3 no image (even after reset) and controller won't connect at all...

Fault fixed:

GPU failed, partly due to an old system , and partly my fault for leaving the console "frozen" and making a cup of tea. This overheated the solders and disrupting the GPU and bluetooth module from communicating.

Got it fixed for 30 quid and its working fine again.

Although, this is the 2nd time its happened in the past 6 months. I'd say its getting time to move onto a new conole soon.

So, if you have any of the above symptoms ( blue light, CAN eject discs, but no image or sound and can't restore video settings ) then the GPU has failed.

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