20 Mar 2010
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PS3 output through HDMI cable

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Hi All,


I have been Using PS3 slim 120GB for 5 months now on HDMI without any issues. Yesterday while watching a video, the screen suddenly went blank with no A/V. Since then I have tried out all the recommended troubleshoots related to Display output settings. I have tried starting HDMI outputs manually using component A/V cable on which it works fine. Also PS3 seems to recognise that an HDMI device is connected. But this also gives no output on HDMI channel on Sony HDTV.


I have checked with another HDMI cable, the two HDMI ports on TV which work fine for both my Sky+ HD and with HD outputting Laptop.


After all sort of testing, I finally decided to reset to the default settings (still same problem existed) and then restored my PS3 without any luck.


It would be great if someone could help me out with this issue. Any additional step I need to take?









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Re: PS3 output through HDMI cable

daft question, but have you tried a different HDMI cable between the PS3 and the TV ?


i've seen a few threads in the past with the same fault, and it was a cable issue

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