12 Jan 2010
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PS3 turns on, but does not work?

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Basically my PS3 turns on fine, but after about 5 seconds the noise from inside the PS3 gets very quiet and from the outside, it looks like the fan is slowing down or stopping.


Even though the Playstation is on, it doesn't show any information on any TV or any sound either (I have tried all the usual methods for resetting the visual connections, so assume it's a fault in the PS3?)


Does anybody have any idea what the problem may be and whether I'll have to face the hefty charges to send it off for a repair?




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Re: PS3 turns on, but does not work?

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Are you getting any picture at all from the PS3?

Have you tried using a different cable?




There's a couple of things that may get it working again. Not guaranteed to work by any means..Some people on YouTube seem to have had some success with it though.

You'll need to access the PS3's recovery menu and try a few of the options in there. The information below should help you to do just that.

1) Restore File System:

Here's the general procedure:

1. Turn off PlayStation 3.
2. Hold the power button down; the system will turn on and turn off once again.
3. Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps
4. When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button.
5. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button
6. The Recovery menu will pop up.
7. Choose to 'Restore File System' and follow the process through.

These are the kind of videos you may want to take a look at if you want to try it:

Not the best but just to give you a round idea and that.

2) If the 'Restore File System' option doesn't work, try the same procedure but this time choose 'Rebuild Database'.

Give those a go and see how you get on with them.

Hope this helps.

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Re: PS3 turns on, but does not work?

For physical options, rather than virtual ones, I'd suggest giving it a good vacuum, followed by a hairdryer (on COLD) through the vents, followed by another vacuum.

no guarantee at all, but if your fan is clogged, it might help shift it :smileyhappy:

Do you get any flashing lights on the PS3 itself?

* YLOD? * *PSN Connection Problems?* *Blu Ray Problems

And we weren't even testing for that.. :Thumbs:

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