12 Mar 2010


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PS3 won't play Blue Ray DVD's

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We have a PS3 (the old thick style - not the slim-line) and It won't play any Blue Ray DVD's.  We have restarted the PS3, we have made sure that all of the DVD's are clean and free from imperfections.  We have tried about 10-15 different DVD's, all with the same issues. 


Sometimes it will read it, and it shows up in the menu, but when you select the DVD, the screen goes black, and on occasion it will restart itself. 


I have searched online, to find that people have taken apart their PS3, trying to clean it, using DVD cleaners, Q - tips, and other methods. 


I would rather not have to take apart our PS3, but I would also like to use our PS3 to play Blue Ray DVD's.  We are out side of our warrenty, but we have ways kept very good care of our PS3, keeping it clean, and always install all of the updates. 


Any advise would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: PS3 won't play Blue Ray DVD's

sounds like the laser is failing, very common fault on older PS3s


you don't mention hether you can still play games

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Re: PS3 won't play Blue Ray DVD's

It does sound like the laser :smileysad:

Often when it dies, you can still play normal DVDs and CDs, but not games or blu-ray movies.
Or sometimes the other way around - plays games and blu-ray, but not DVDs or CDs
Or sometimes will play no discs at all :smileysad:

And sometimes it can work one day, then stop working, then work again for a bit... :smileysad:

There are a couple of things you can TRY without opening the case, and these do work for SOME people - but not all :smileysad:

For some more detail about what to try, and what your options are (including trying to get some money back for it or getting it replaced) click the link in my sig :smileyhappy:

* YLOD? * *PSN Connection Problems?* *Blu Ray Problems

And we weren't even testing for that.. :Thumbs:

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